Indigenous Relationships

We value our Indigenous partners and work together for success.

Canada North Group (CNG) is a privately held, family run business specializing in remote modular accommodation. As such, we naturally place a high value on people and relationships, our employees and partners are part of our “extended” family. Because our people know they are valued they deliver committed, excellent service to our clients; the backbone of any business. As a group of companies, Canada North Group has created a unique Indigenous Relations Policy to define and ensure our value of Indigenous people is maintained and encouraged.

In order to ensure we engage in healthy, ethical and mutually beneficial indigenous relationships we have formed the Tansi Business Development Group (Tansi); our indigenous business arm.

Highlights of our approach (from CNG Indigenous Relations Policy; 2015):

  • Proactive Engagement
  • Create an inclusive working environment
  • Investing in Education
  • Community Development
  • Economic Partnerships

Our greatest success is the economic development of the First Nations and aboriginal community partnerships we have. Our 50/50 partnerships with Bigstone Cree Nation and Heart Lake First Nation in Northern Alberta allow us to bring a unique community-benefitting business option to the resource developers we serve.

John Fleming has worked in Aboriginal communities since 1997 with Fort McKay and most recently with Heart Lake First Nation (since 2007). His commitment to developing ‘best practice’ consultation processes and relationships has led to community and economic participation success for many communities. As a proud status Inuit, who grew up among and learned much from the Cree and Dene people of Northern Alberta, John is a passionate and energetic presence in our company.

As a status Mi’kmaq, Joe MacAulay, our VP of Catering Business Development, fully appreciates and respects the cultural uniqueness and aspirations of our Indigenous partners. A strong leader who is firmly committed to developing a team that continually strives to better develop processes and people, Joe has personally brought inclusion and human resource development to many shining stars in our staff.

The Indigenous business arm of our team (Tansi Business Development Group) are experts in camp and catering, business development and training to employment with Indigenous peoples’ in areas where be conduct business and beyond.

Canada North established a camp and catering training program with Blue Quills First Nations College of St. Paul, Alberta. Indigenous people who wish to get into the workforce have the opportunity to get training and certification to work in the camp industry along with life skills training. The college is now accepting the 15th cohort into the program and all graduates are offered employment within our group of companies. The college is governed by seven Nations including Beaver Lake Cree Nation, Cold Lake First Nation, Frog Lake Cree Nation, Heart Lake First Nation, Kehewin Cree Nation, Saddle Lake Cree Nation and Whitefish Lake First Nation. The college accepts students from the entire Northern Alberta region, knowing that Indigenous students are more likely to succeed in an Indigenous post-secondary setting where Professors and Camp Instructors are more likely to be First Nation or Metis. Additionally, Canada North Camps Inc. and a partner donated a camp worth $1.2 million dollars to the college. The students live in the donated camp and participate in the operation of the camp, giving them firsthand experience in addition to the academic training. Our partnership with BQFNC allows us to request specific training to employment initiatives we deem necessary for the clientele we work with. Our commitment is sincere, as we work to build Nation capacity.